Coming Up For Air

by Automatic Shoes



Marc Bolan is the man who inspired me to finally pick up my guitar and write. When I first started creating, the thought was always does this sound like T.Rex? Of course, once I got the hang of it, I discovered how to express myself, and other influences, and found my way into some kind of originality (I hope) but, sometimes... there's still the thought. What would Marc do? I thank him for not only showing me how to be an artist, but how to be human. By the light of his music, I've stumbled upon so many great experiences and loving people. I know many T.Rex fans who would say the same. Nearing the 40th anniversary of his passing, and his 70th birthday, I decided to write a couple songs once again with Marc in mind. A few songs became 14, and so we have this album.

This album is a free download.

Enjoy! x


released August 19, 2017


all rights reserved



Automatic Shoes Spokane, Washington

Spokane, WA

Automatic Shoes is the solo project of Atari Ferrari frontman Matthew Joseph Hughes.

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Track Name: The Time Before
I wanna take you back
Can I take you back?
Oh, it was the year…
Do you remember it clear?
I wanna take you back
Can I take you back

Oh my angel, my beautiful
I wanna go back to the time before

Repeat in toto.
Track Name: All Alone
All alone I sit at home
With my chrome guitar
Even Michael Mouse
He has a house with someone there
You handsome bitch, you movie twitch
And seranade the dudes that move and
Smile so vile and masquerade, they masquerade

An adjacent kid with a Jamaican lid
And switch-blade knife, steals the
Truth from your golden tooth then he
Turns you in

So you hold hands tight on a marble night
And maybe dismissed, but know that
Zeus is never loose with his Grecian kiss
His Grecian kiss

Fiery skies in children eyes
Fade into youth bleeding blood and tears
On all the ears, that heard your gold
So you walk the dog and you stroll the fog

On a dome sky earth, and lie too hard
Is an English bard, you better hide your tracks
Better watch your mind
Track Name: Cage
Can you really feel it?
Do you really want it?
Do you really mean it to the bone?

Do you really want it?
Can you really love it?
If you only wrote it on your phone?

What is love in this age?
Can I know in this cage?
What is life in this age?
Can we know all on stage?

Did you really like it?
Or did you just scroll by it?
Did you just send me a pity wave?

Are you still behind it?
Or have you gone inside it?
Is there nothing here left to crave?

CHORUS (twice)
Track Name: Rocketship
Is it lonely out in space?
Or do we see all of our rocket friends?
Is there such a place?
What happens to all of our long lost rocket friends?

The ones who bent the sound
The ones who bent space
The ones who went around
And stood up for the human race

Starmen who turned black to white
And white to black
Maybe we can build a ship
And get em back
Yes, maybe we can take a trip
And get it back

Yes, maybe I can build a ship
And get you back
Yes, maybe I can take a trip
And get you back
Track Name: How To Be Kind
It was a time before time
We were strangers then

In a universe rhyme
Could it happen again?

In the land before time
We were eaten by men

If I show up on time
Could I still be your friend?

We don’t know how to be kind
We’re so small, it hurts my mind

Da da da da da da

Repeat in toto.
Track Name: Alice
I was a good man
I did nobody wrong
At least none I can think of
For the sake of this song

But something has shifted
The times they did change
My friends and my family
They all think I’m strange

And it’s all cos of you
Yeah it’s all cos of you

I was a good a man
But I think I forgot
Just how to be
Oh, something I’m not

They think I gamble
They think I’m a joke
Say I can’t handle
Oh, nothing I’m broke


My friends think I’m crazy
They call me insane
I’m in the wreckage
Of a runaway train

You light up my nightmares
Singing songs in my brain
And again
And again

Track Name: To Rock & Roll With You Again
It feels to be home
If just for a while
It’s good to be back
In the warm of your smile

We had a child between
It seemed so back then
But now it seems
We’ve got more of a friend

It’s so good to rock
And to roll
With you

After a long strange trip
Round the stars
How did I find my way back
To your arms?

Nothing lasts
But some things never change
But life’s a gas
And baby, you’re strange

CHORUS (twice)
Track Name: Dark Angel
With some more words from our savior
You pass the burden down to me
Mouthing lines for our creator
Your self-annointed destiny

But you’re no revelation
Who would stand for such a fraud?
And you expect me to love
Your so called right hand man of God

Dark Angel
How could you?
Dark Angel
Time is through

Another coin will fill your fountain
One more child will hear your voice
And though you’ll fill your life up counting
You won’t feel love from that Rolls Royce

And so I see no clear creation
Excepting that of your facade
And you expect me to love
Your so called right hand man of God

CHORUS (twice)
Track Name: What Happened To My Revolution?
Greedy leader, show your face
I come here from outer space
I need to talk to you

Shady politician, listen
You must know I’m on a mission
Time is nearly through

What happened to my revolution?
The one we promised all the children?

Mister DJ, who are you?
To tell me what to play and listen to
We’re all over you

Highway soldier, what’s your name?
Or did you give that up to play their game?
They’re just using you

CHORUS (many times, but not Hey Jude)
Track Name: Still A Gas (with Glitters From Billy)
I fell in love with you
Before you knew my name
So much I can’t undo
But I’m still in the game

Life is strange
And love won’t last
But after all
It’s still a gas…

I would go back for more
But I think you’re happy now
Just to think back before
Still gets me through somehow

Love is strange
And life won’t last
But after all
It’s still a gas

All the times we shared in song
Reading between our lines
And what is right can go so wrong
But in the end, we still feel fine

CHORUS (twice)

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