A Beard Of Stars

by Automatic Shoes



I think the last few years of tragedy & political turmoil have pushed society into collectively finding solace in nostalgia. When reality gets too hard to face, we tend to look backward to the familiar for comfort and guidance. In looking back, we remember why we're here, and why we keep going. We recharge, find new hope, ready to face the future again - reborn and bopping!

Sometimes on our trips of nostalgia, we stumble across some ones or some things that got overlooked the first time around. That is why I feel the time is right for an album like this. The time of love is now. This planet is due to have a second look at the work of Marc Bolan; a man of seemingly infinite creativity, passion, humour, and charisma. I'm not claiming to be the guy for the job, but I'd certainly like to help.

It is quite simply impossible, after getting to know this man's work, to not believe in... something!


This album was recorded accidentally on purpose, when I bought my first bass guitar, and wanted to practice to some T.Rex songs. I started recording, and a week later, the album was finished. I played and recorded everything you'll hear.


released January 26, 2019

words & music: marc bolan
everything else: matthew joseph hughes


all rights reserved



Automatic Shoes Spokane, Washington

Spokane, WA

Automatic Shoes is the solo project of Atari Ferrari frontman Matthew Joseph Hughes.

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Track Name: A Day Laye
Every dawn of our lives a heart is forged and
Linked with lore to one so similar
Born with blessed life dust
Stored beneath its soul
To bless and pass onto its children.
Even though the wind may blow it all away
Don't ever worry 'cos I'm your friend.
Track Name: Woodland Bop
Everybody's doing the Woodland Bop
Once you start it you'll find it hard to stop.
In the hallowed morning
See her in the moon-white
Streaking across the skies
In the evening dusk dunes
See her like a sun bird
Streaking across the skies.
Track Name: Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
In some way our slain are yours
Stone eyes drill for wealth lies
In some way our fate is one.
Funny how the day comes slow
Funny how the day comes so.
Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
At a glance our dance is one
Sun Liege by your star trees
Could you please heart cleanse our shores.
Track Name: Pavilions Of Sun
Swans do fly high above you
All the time.
Prince of Sun from his pavilion
Makes you shine
Come into my garden lady love
Maybe I can hold your gold hand
Glide within my gold grove lady love
Know the earth and you'll understand.
Track Name: Organ Blues
There's gold in the mountains
And a people living in the sea.
I love you and don't you know
That you love me
Yes you do.
We make feasties of the beasties
But the beasties just live in the wild
You know that you're slower now
And you were faster when you were
A child
Yes you were.
Track Name: By The Light Of A Magical Moon
I'm gonna dance with my princess
By the light of a magical moon
As I go along my way
I say hey-hey
I'm gonna talk with the elders
And tell all of our hearts
That is good
I'll barefoot dance with my baby
By the light of a magical moon.
When I slay the darkest day
Then we can play
'Till that deep and joyous day
We'll dance and pray.
Track Name: Great Horse
Great Horsey Champer Goldbraid
Pranced proudly in the garden villas
With the Sun
Dipped diving with his horned onyx saddle
Shining in the black aped eyeballs
Of the gun.
When the great apple falls
She'll be Queen of your halls.
Tall bowman from the burnt pastures
Saw Champer and he bowed ground kissing
To his lord.
Strange beastie from the legend lair
Sire, I can master with the aid of this
Skull powdered cord
Track Name: Lofty Skies
Sat 'neath the eyes of the lofty skies
We were chained by the rain to the pain of our love
We kissed and cried
Held 'neath the bars of the tangling stars
We were pinned by the might of the warrior night
We kissed and cried.
O this time of love moves me.
Track Name: Dove
All my days are leafy blue
Because I'm not with you
All my words are ragged steel
When I'm not with you.
See how the sun shines
Like an arc where you walk
All my fears are water clear
When I'm not with you
All I hear is wicked dear
When I'm not with you.
Track Name: Elemental Child
Torch girl of the marshes
Her kiss is a whip of the moon
Dawns damsels are dancing
To the hum of her sunny young tune.
Gems held in her heart's head
The shield of the rivers is hers
She once told me to think white
And the night disappeared like a bird.
Hold the glove of gold behind you
Love the glove of Truth.

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